How to Identify the Worst Mobile Phone Providers in UK

greenacre/ November 12, 2015/ InstantMobile/


The mobile phone has undergone massive transformation from the days it used to resemble a brick. Smartphones have now entered the market and made it easier to communicate, browse, take photos and do plenty of different types of tasks. In the UK, mobile phone providers have become dependable and necessary in day-to-day living. Without a mobile phone, the UK consumer would be incapable of doing much in life. How can they identify the worst providers?


First, consumers have to check the complaints raised against UK mobile phone providers with Ofcom. Ofcom keeps proper records of these types of complaints, which are available to consumers to check and use the information to separate the best from worst mobile phone providers in the UK. The list of complaints that Ofcom receives covers all the major as well as minor mobile providers in Britain, and these include:

  • Virgin Mobile
  • O2
  • Three
  • Vodafone
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Talk Mobile
  • EE

The ability to deal with complaints is an issue that UK consumers and Ofcom take seriously. No provider is exempt from complaints. What each provider does with the complaints determines whether you should consider them the best or the worst in the UK market. The amount of complaints also matter a great deal. The industry receives an average of 16 complaints from 1,000 customers. A company that receives more than the average would be a bad provider.

Mobile Coverage

When purchasing any mobile phone in the UK, you should consider the extent of coverage. The mobile phone as well as operator must have a better coverage in addition to reception all over UK. While coverage is an important factor to use when separating the best from worst mobile phone networks in the UK, it is crucial that you remember the role that location plays. Coverage is dependent on location not only in the UK, but also all over the world.

Performance and Cost

Here, performance refers to many aspects of the services and products that a mobile phone provider in the UK offers. For example, some providers make it easier for customers to shift from one network to the next. Some providers are good at dealing with any faulty concern that customers raise with them. Effectiveness in sorting out billing concerns is important to UK consumers who are interested in identifying the best mobile phone providers in the country.

Regarding cost, the issue that consumers should concern themselves with the most is the package that each mobile provider in the UK has. It is good for consumers to consider what is good for their pockets. At least, the mobile phone providers offer a wide variety of products. Each product or package has distinct advantages and disadvantages worth considering before choosing the best and ignoring what you consider the worst of the lot.

The four major networks in the UK (Vodafone, Three, O2 and EE) have made massive improvements in terms of reducing and dealing with complaints, increasing coverage and guaranteeing excellent performance in addition to pocket-friendly packages.