A Guide for Sending Complaints Regarding UK Mobile Phone Providers

greenacre/ October 29, 2015/ InstantMobile/


Complaints regarding UK mobile phone providers are a common feature. This is because of the wrong bills that the providers send at times. When a provider develops the habit of ignoring complaints, consumers will most likely raise even more complaints. Failure to return calls is also a good reason for raising and sending complaints. Some companies have developed a habit of leaving consumers on hold for hours without end, thus giving them reasons to raise complaints.

Fear to Take Providers Head On

Some customers reconsider their decision to face their mobile phone provider head-on. The huge financial influence that such providers enjoy makes them a scary proposition among some mobile phone users in the UK, thus leaving consumers with little choice other than to postpone any complaints they had and hope for the better. However, this approach is not helpful to anyone, thus the more reason for learning what to do when feeling the urge to make a complaint.

Learning how to send or make complaints is one thing. Ensuring that your complaints attract the attention they deserve and that the mobile phone provider hears and responds to them is the biggest challenge. Communication barriers, massively complex electronic switchboards, being put on hold for many hours and failure by the providers to return calls are just but a few of the issues you must grapple with in this matter. Is it worth the hassle?

So, what options should you pursue?

Customer Service Department

First, get in touch with customer service department at your mobile phone provider and raise your complaints with the staff. Explain your problem calmly and clearly. Ordinarily, this step should be sufficient to convince the provider to look into your problem and come up with the best solutions or answers. On the other hand, in case this step does not work, you will not have run out of options.

Formal Complaint

The next step, at least according to Ofcom, is to prepare and send a formal complaint to the mobile phone provider. Check the back of your bill to find out the best way of raising a formal complaint with the provider. You should also visit the website of your mobile phone provider and learn how to make a complaint. The customer service department within the organization will also help you with details on how to approach this issue.

Deadlock Letter

Failure by the mobile phone provider to respond to the above steps that you take should lead you to the next step – demanding for a deadlock letter. The deadlock letter should clearly state that the provider is not ready to resolve the complaint in the manner that you want. Some of the providers are notorious in taking several months to raise a simple complaint that a user highlighted. If all else fails, feel free to contact an Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme via:

  • Ombudsman Services Communications on 0330 440 1614
  • Communications and Internet Service Adjudication Scheme on 020 7520 3827

All mobile phone providers in the UK are members of one of the two aforementioned Alternative Dispute Resolutions or ADR Scheme.