Why UK Mobile Phone Providers Could Hike Bills Soon

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The UK mobile phone providers could soon hike bills. The cause of the increase will be the decision by Ofcom, which is the UK telecoms regulator, to raise network license fees by as much as three times. The three-fold rise in license fees is part of the new changes that Ofcom is making within the sector. Ofcom has already won itself a number of fans by the decision to make it easier for users to shift from one provider to the next within a day. Will this raise a backlash?

Some of the top UK mobile phone providers who might decide to transfer the increased costs to users include the following:

  • Vodafone
  • EE
  • O2
  • Three

How much is the increase?

All the UK operators have had to pay a total charge of around £64.4 million. However, the new changes from Ofcom will see the fee rise three times to a high of roughly £199.6 million. The decision to increase the network license fees did not happen overnight. Ofcom has been consulting with other players in the industry for the last two years regarding the increase. Initially, Ofcom had proposed an increase that was 13 percent higher than what it has announced.

Spectrum Bands

The increase in network license fees will affect spectrum bands, which lie between 900MHz and 1800MHz and are used by mobile phone providers in the UK in the provision of voice as well as data services via 2G, 3G and 4G. Currently, consumers can only hope that the UK mobile phone providers will not transfer the increased costs down to them. However, in this instance, the reality of the situation is that UK mobile phone users should get ready for increased rates.

Increase for Each Provider

Currently, Vodafone and O2 have been paying £15.6 million each in network license fees per year. Each of these providers will have to dig deeper to raise the £49.8 million that Ofcom requires them to pay as license fees. When T-Mobile and Orange merged, they created EE, which has been paying £24.9 million in network license fees, but will now see the amount rise to £75 million. Three will see its license fees rise from £8.3 million to £25 million each year.

Fortunately, for the UK mobile phone providers, Ofcom does not expect them to pay the new fees at once. Under the new regulations, all the mobile phone providers in the UK will be required to pay half of the fees by October 2015. Ofcom will then require the providers to clear the remaining half by October 2016. As from 2017, Ofcom will expect all the providers to pay the new license fees in a single lump sum each year.

Ofcom believes that the new network license fees are a true reflection of the actual value of the spectrum bands. In the past, Ofcom felt that the fees that mobile phone providers in the UK paid was not a true reflection of the actual worth. Ofcom believes that the spectrum offers network providers a finite source. The only problem with this argument is that the providers will have no option other than to pass the new charges down to their consumers. At this point, UK mobile phone users have little that they can do other than paying the new rates.

How to Identify the Worst Mobile Phone Providers in UK

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The mobile phone has undergone massive transformation from the days it used to resemble a brick. Smartphones have now entered the market and made it easier to communicate, browse, take photos and do plenty of different types of tasks. In the UK, mobile phone providers have become dependable and necessary in day-to-day living. Without a mobile phone, the UK consumer would be incapable of doing much in life. How can they identify the worst providers?


First, consumers have to check the complaints raised against UK mobile phone providers with Ofcom. Ofcom keeps proper records of these types of complaints, which are available to consumers to check and use the information to separate the best from worst mobile phone providers in the UK. The list of complaints that Ofcom receives covers all the major as well as minor mobile providers in Britain, and these include:

  • Virgin Mobile
  • O2
  • Three
  • Vodafone
  • Tesco Mobile
  • Talk Mobile
  • EE

The ability to deal with complaints is an issue that UK consumers and Ofcom take seriously. No provider is exempt from complaints. What each provider does with the complaints determines whether you should consider them the best or the worst in the UK market. The amount of complaints also matter a great deal. The industry receives an average of 16 complaints from 1,000 customers. A company that receives more than the average would be a bad provider.

Mobile Coverage

When purchasing any mobile phone in the UK, you should consider the extent of coverage. The mobile phone as well as operator must have a better coverage in addition to reception all over UK. While coverage is an important factor to use when separating the best from worst mobile phone networks in the UK, it is crucial that you remember the role that location plays. Coverage is dependent on location not only in the UK, but also all over the world.

Performance and Cost

Here, performance refers to many aspects of the services and products that a mobile phone provider in the UK offers. For example, some providers make it easier for customers to shift from one network to the next. Some providers are good at dealing with any faulty concern that customers raise with them. Effectiveness in sorting out billing concerns is important to UK consumers who are interested in identifying the best mobile phone providers in the country.

Regarding cost, the issue that consumers should concern themselves with the most is the package that each mobile provider in the UK has. It is good for consumers to consider what is good for their pockets. At least, the mobile phone providers offer a wide variety of products. Each product or package has distinct advantages and disadvantages worth considering before choosing the best and ignoring what you consider the worst of the lot.

The four major networks in the UK (Vodafone, Three, O2 and EE) have made massive improvements in terms of reducing and dealing with complaints, increasing coverage and guaranteeing excellent performance in addition to pocket-friendly packages.

A Sneak Peek into No Credit Check Mobile Phones

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In the UK, the popularity of no credit check mobile phones has gone up the roof in recent years. This is because the package is perfect for people with poor credit scores. The package ensures that UK consumers with poor credit scores get the opportunity to own some great phones while finding better ways of managing their finances. The fact that you have poor credit scores does not exclude you from owning an excellent phone.

Inability to Pay for a Phone Upfront

Paying for a new phone upfront is not something that everybody in the UK can do. New phones cost a lot of money. Lack of finances and poor credit scores are just but two of the factors that would make it harder to obtain mobile phone contracts with the best providers in the UK. With such a record, it would be next to impossible for you to get the contract or a good phone using the traditional alternatives, thus the importance of no credit check mobile phones.

Application Procedure

To be eligible for the contract phones no credit check deal in the UK, you need to follow this procedure:

  1. Enter your details in the appropriate application form
  2. Choose your preferred network as well as phone
  3. Wait for approval

Companies with High Acceptance Rates

Bad credits affect many areas of your life. Bad credits make it harder for you to communicate with friends, family and colleagues unless you are ready to part with huge sums of money. If you want your application to win approval, it is imperative that you find a company with high acceptance rates. The company you choose should have acceptance rates of around 99.9 percent without offering you any guarantees.

Quality of Services

Do not put all your trust in a company simply because of its high acceptance rates. Check the quality of services that the companies offer. Before signing the no credit check mobile phones contract, check the fine print. Ensure that the contract stipulates deals that are right for you before signing. Ensure that the contract is favourable based on your needs as well before appending your signature.

Reputable Companies

To be on the safe side, it is imperative that you choose deals offered by some of the biggest and most reputable firms in the mobile phone industry, and these include:

  • Vodafone
  • EE
  • O2

The quality of service that you obtain from the aforementioned networks is unlike what you will get from the newer or previously unheard of mobile phone providers. Check the variety of phone models and types that the companies have. Check the costs of the phone as well to avoid paying more than you can afford while trying to fix your bad credit scores or getting your finances back in good health.

If you want the best no credit check mobile phones contracts or deals, identify companies that offer free and no obligation services. Ask and check if the company has hidden fees before signing the contract. Ask if the company has placed you under any obligation to accept it’s offers.Choose a company that demonstrates it cares about your welfare financially.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best UK Mobile Phone Provider

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When selecting the best UK mobile phone provider, you should consider a few factors. Data plans, text messages and the cost of calls are just but a few factors you should consider when making this selection. Network coverage is just as important as the other factors. The full list of factors that deserve consideration to make an informed decision and not end up with a bad choice include the following:

  1. Provider’s Reputation

Some of the mobile phone providers in the UK have been around a few years. Other providers have been in the market for many years. You have to look at the results that each company has garnered during the period it has been in existence serving the UK customers. For the most part, a company that has been around for years has a huge interest on longevity and probably enjoys a stellar reputation all over the UK.

  1. Coverage

Some of the providers offer their services and products in specific parts of the UK. If you want a provider with regional coverage, UK has several from which to choose. Similarly, geographical or location coverage is not the only factor. You also have to consider the network coverage. Strength of the signal in all parts of the UK is an important consideration. Check that the provider does not charge roaming fees, especially if you are a frequent traveller.

  1. Length of Contract

Service providers in the UK often offer attractive deals or packages that come with a quality cell phone. The provider you desire to choose should have such a package. Most importantly, you must check the length of the contract that you sign with the provider for such deals. Otherwise, you might end up with a contract that you cannot cancel. Some providers will charge additional fees to cancel the contract you signed with them.

  1. Customer Service

Customer service comes with the package. There is no way you will sign a contract with mobile phone providers in the UK and not expect to receive excellent customer service. Unfortunately, some of the providers have a poor reputation where customer service is concerned. When you need help, the provider you chose should be able to offer excellent customer service and provide proper information in addition to accurate and effective solutions.

  1. Cost Structure

Understanding the pricing structure that mobile phone providers in the UK have developed is almost an impossible task. However, this does not mean that you should ignore the structure or fail to ask questions and proper explanations about it. Possessing the structure will provide you with an idea regarding the kind of money that you will spend. Ask questions regarding contract subscription in addition to prepaid services.

Finally, check the variety, quality and types of devices that each mobile phone provider in the UK offers. If you want a provider that stocks and sells the best phones from the biggest manufacturers or brands around the world, then this is what you should demand or look for during your research. Look at the entire range of devices and accessories that each provider has, and use the above guideline to make your choice.

A Guide for Sending Complaints Regarding UK Mobile Phone Providers

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Complaints regarding UK mobile phone providers are a common feature. This is because of the wrong bills that the providers send at times. When a provider develops the habit of ignoring complaints, consumers will most likely raise even more complaints. Failure to return calls is also a good reason for raising and sending complaints. Some companies have developed a habit of leaving consumers on hold for hours without end, thus giving them reasons to raise complaints.

Fear to Take Providers Head On

Some customers reconsider their decision to face their mobile phone provider head-on. The huge financial influence that such providers enjoy makes them a scary proposition among some mobile phone users in the UK, thus leaving consumers with little choice other than to postpone any complaints they had and hope for the better. However, this approach is not helpful to anyone, thus the more reason for learning what to do when feeling the urge to make a complaint.

Learning how to send or make complaints is one thing. Ensuring that your complaints attract the attention they deserve and that the mobile phone provider hears and responds to them is the biggest challenge. Communication barriers, massively complex electronic switchboards, being put on hold for many hours and failure by the providers to return calls are just but a few of the issues you must grapple with in this matter. Is it worth the hassle?

So, what options should you pursue?

Customer Service Department

First, get in touch with customer service department at your mobile phone provider and raise your complaints with the staff. Explain your problem calmly and clearly. Ordinarily, this step should be sufficient to convince the provider to look into your problem and come up with the best solutions or answers. On the other hand, in case this step does not work, you will not have run out of options.

Formal Complaint

The next step, at least according to Ofcom, is to prepare and send a formal complaint to the mobile phone provider. Check the back of your bill to find out the best way of raising a formal complaint with the provider. You should also visit the website of your mobile phone provider and learn how to make a complaint. The customer service department within the organization will also help you with details on how to approach this issue.

Deadlock Letter

Failure by the mobile phone provider to respond to the above steps that you take should lead you to the next step – demanding for a deadlock letter. The deadlock letter should clearly state that the provider is not ready to resolve the complaint in the manner that you want. Some of the providers are notorious in taking several months to raise a simple complaint that a user highlighted. If all else fails, feel free to contact an Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme via:

  • Ombudsman Services Communications on 0330 440 1614
  • Communications and Internet Service Adjudication Scheme on 020 7520 3827

All mobile phone providers in the UK are members of one of the two aforementioned Alternative Dispute Resolutions or ADR Scheme.